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Tech pack template, vector pdf and excel spec sheet. Personal preference i work better and faster on adobe illustrator, if you feel that you have much stronger skills in. Sep, 2015 specification sheet and tech pack the difference. Apparel tech pack one of our main design service is apparel tech pack design. Garment manufacturers need this tech pack to create patterns and source raw material. Jul 20, 20 the basic steps for designing an apparel line are. The software has been designed from the users point of view. Fashion apparel tech pack templates tech pack, tech. Tech packs help to develop your sample and produce garments with perfection. Translate your product idea to an instructional document with. A tech pack includes garment print and embroidery vectors, construction details. A tech pack acts as a blueprint for each garment in your collection. Fashion apparel tech pack templates top clothing brands clothing company writing a business plan business planning cost sheet garments business couture sewing techniques garment manufacturing planning budget. A tech pack is an informative sheet that designers create to communicate with a manufacturer all the necessary components needed to construct a product.

For users of our vector mockup templates, easily drag and drop mockup templates from the adobe symbols. With tech pack you can approach to a manufacturer for further commutation. Nicole is the founder of startup fashion, an online resource and community supporting for independent designers around the world with building their. Pdf instruction sheet included for entering data and placing images into apparel tech pack templates, fashion line sheet template, and garment costing sheet templates if you dont know how to spec, these tech packs are also available together with the how to spec a garment ebook. They sell themselves as a one stop shop for tech pack creation that will make your life easier, but, after running a business that creates tech packs for thousands of clients and having done over 9000 myself, i can tell you that they cant. This excel work book works with version 2000 or newer. Unfortunately, these skills arent really taught in universities and are discovered by. We create and develop factory ready tech packs ensuring optimized production levels. Weve put together a tech pack example so you can see what the specs look like. You input the information, which then becomes the bible throughout the entire process. Apparel technical design collection 350 unique technical drawings. Make sure your tech pack header and footer includes the style details you require and add all the relevant informacon needed to give an overview of the.

Fashion apparel tech pack templates tech pack, tech fashion. Do you want to know what a real life and complete tech pack looks like. Our handpicked teams of technical clothing designers specialize in each of the segments and support our myriad patrons with apparel. Fashion tech pack designer sets standards, processes and guidelines that clothing manufacturers can chart and track in order to physically sample the production pieces as designed by the tech. A tech pack is a design specification document that details allimportant aspects of the design requirements and lays it out in an easy to read format.

Tech pack design has complete garment detailing and graded measurement spec sheet. Follow us on instagram to see whats happening in the factory daily. Make sure you include all the informacon needed to save cme and quesconing at a later date. That includes materials, gradings, seams, colorways, measurements, trim, labels etc. But, both are quite different and in fact the spec sheet is a part of fashion. A tech pack short for technical packet and also known as. Specification sheet and tech pack how they are differnet. Tech pack download here, click any link to download techpacks for free, the list of free tech packs.

Here is everything we would normally include in a tech pack in full gory detail. Plastic container manufacturer in mumbai for industrial. Specification sheet and tech pack are compliment each other. May 10, 2016 the definition of a tech pack is an information document that clothing or fashion companies use to inform the manufacturers how they want their garment manufactured. Tech pack is a detailed instruction to create apparel starting from scratch. In other words, most designers believe specification sheet and tech pack are the same. Size spec sheet and bonus bonus cost statement sheet bonus purchase order sheet excel file apparel industry standard fashion tech pack templates in excel format pdf file can. With my free template, youll save hours of hard work. Tech packs are the universal form of the fashion and apparel industry. Creating an excel tech pack template from scratch is tedious. It has been used by many well known denim companies in the fashion industry.

Garment base pro is a simple, yet powerful, pattern design manager pdm that enables you to store and track data about clothing styles. Fashion apparel tech pack templates my practical skills my. Apply to apparel associate, technical designer, designer and more. The measurement spec sheet is a part of a tech pack not the whole of it. We have a strong group of fashion designers and technicians to create professional tech packs with all details included required to create the proto sample or garment production. Fashion apparel tech pack templates my practical skills my practical skills. Thinking of starting an apparel or soft goods product or line. Just dzine is a group of designers graduated from well known institutes and they are too good in creating any kind of apparel related graphic designs, seasonal collection, theme based designs, tech packs, hang tags, branding designs etc. And if you dont set it up right, youll be stuck manually updating a lot of data. Creating a tech pack hold on, cuz its long, but once you get it down, your clients and printers will love you. Typically designers will include measurements, materials, colors, trim, hardware, grading, labels, tags, etc. Theres a lot that goes into an effective tech pack.

The tech pack includes detailing about fabric, trims, color and measurement spec sheet. Its a very detailed how to manual for your sample maker and production unit to follow, leaving absolutely nothing up to interpretation. Technical design samplefit destination maternity vendor manual. Tech pack designer apparel specsheet clothing designer. Fashion apparel tech pack templates my practical skills. Garment tech pack example example of a garment technical pack for production. Tech packs are an important fashion business tool when youre communicating your designs and specifications to your sample maker and factory. Its fully customizable for any garment, in any industry. Here are some samples of tech packs from around the web.

Weve put together a tech pack example so you can see what the specs look like when filled in. How to create a tech pack intimate apparel samples. Jul 07, 2017 tech packs help to develop your sample and produce garments with perfection. A designer can get very detailed with their tech pack, but it should at least cover the below set of information to pass as a professional tech pack. Jan 31, 2019 a tech pack is a blueprint created by a designer. Sample tag artwork is accessible from the forms download link, on the vendor manual. So you have a clear vision of how you want your collection to look, the fabrics and components have been sourced, patterns have been engineered and aunty pauline has whipped up some fantastic samples. The fit, fabric, product use, trims, embroidery, print technique and so on.

If you wan to know what goes in a tech pack please refer to my post understanding measurement spec sheet. Often, tech pack software tells potential buyers and users that they can make tech packs for you. If you are a brand, a designer or a product developer, you can leverage your apparel or textile production with a tech pack. See more ideas about tech pack, tech fashion, templates. I know the techpack can seem like a lot of extra work that you may not think you have time for. May 09, 2016 tech pack page 8 labelling trims packaging page 8 of your tech pack should be the labelling, trims and packaging informacon for your garment. Tech pack page 9 cosjng page 9 of your tech pack should be the coscng for. Tech pack samples for free, download tech pack samples of. Tech packs are those things were all pretty sure we need to give to our factories but arent quite sure what they entail. Tech pack design service support you in developing apparel tech packs for knitted tshirts, woven shirts, dresses, tops, inner wear, lingerie, jackets and denims. Tech pack designer clothing designer apparel tech pack. Tech pack specifies instructions clothing manufacturer follows to achieve the desired outcome. This tech pack is perfect for denim jeans, pants and bottoms. Created in adobe illustrator, exported as both adobe ai and eps file formats.

How to make a professional tech pack on your own makers. This reduces time and efforts to produce garments in mass with less cost to a large extent. The definition of a tech pack is an information document that clothing or fashion companies use to inform the manufacturers how they want their garment manufactured. Tech pack is the short form of the apparel technical package. Here is everything we would normally include in a tech. The aim of a good tech pack is to layout the blueprint for your product, but what most people dont realise is, that depending on the quality, they can also save you time and money. Create a complete apparel tech pack go media creativity. Each art sheet has been specifically design for use in the apparel graphic design industry. Get a 7daystrial to create unlimited tech packs and plm online software. It contains all the components and instructions required for a manufacturer to turn your design into a finished product. For any production related enquiry, we urge you to get in touch with us with your tech packs and spec sheets we will require the tech packs of your styles in order to provide you with a quote for apparel production. Jun 27, 2009 as a fulltime art director for the new skate apparel line selfdestruct. Tech pack template flat sketch fashion specsheet download. A tech pack for clothing, if done properly and to a quality standard will make sure that the product is right first or second time and comes back to you within a few weeks, which means youre saving money and time and you can get on with other parts of launching your business, with some budget left to do just that.

For apparel tech pack and related queries on any specific designs please use our contact form to reach us. Tech pack forms the base for any garment style for its further processing. Please feel free to follow these as a guide, or hire the. Simple data entry and printed reports, resulting in useful information about the styles you create. Automatic, double click or download the free zip reader if needed. If a tech pack is done well, the first sample you get back from a factory should be near enough what you want. Download apparel flat sketch,clothing specification drawing in coreldraw,adobe illustrator free. A realtime fashion tech pack software for product development, design teams and manufacturers. Sample tech pack free pdf download with images tech pack. Tech pack building service self build if you are a fashion student, designer or brand looking to build your technical drawing library or looking to save time in illustrator, our templates are right place for you.

Tech packs are the most important documents when communicating to manufacturers how you want your garments made. Tech pack creation tools, are and will always be, inferior to that of a designer with expertise in their specific field. Weve created a clear, detailed template to make things easy for you. If you already know how to spec a garment, you can buy the tech packs separately. Effectiveness of technical packages for the apparel production. Tech pack designer clothing manufacturer it is imperative that one sets things in place before putting out investments on a large scale production plan.

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